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About us

What we believe

We firmly believe that doing business the right way can make the world a better place, and Luxembourg is a prime location for this achievement. 

We contribute at our humble level to bring happiness combined with positive good vibes in everything we do and through our one-stop-shop solutions, through our customer focus mentality, our understanding of the market culture and its players. 
We happen to offer project management, investment opportunities and wealth management services to enable everyone to make the right decisions combined with the right quality of life balance.

Why Business Gate Luxembourg

We are our first clients' choice for many reasons allowing them to have peace of mind that their projects are in good hands. Hereunder a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of working with us.

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Solid business network in EMEA

  • Business facilitator expertise

  • Exposure to Venture Capitals & Business Angels

  • Institutional events

  • Exposure at local events

  • Business club

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On-site presence

  • Team is based in Europe (Luxembourg)

  • Presence in Dubai (UAE)

  • Proximity with our customers

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Human size company

  • Quick decision making

  • Direct contact person

  • No middleman

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Knowledge of EMEA market

  • Double culture

  • Cultural & language proximity

  • Knowledge of the local culture

  • Knowhow 

  • Experience in Europe & MENA

Who we are

International companies wishing to relocate to Europe and the UAE require long-term facilities and support appropriate to their needs. The same is true for international business people moving to Europe and especially in Luxembourg.

Suitable accommodation for singles and families can be expensive and scarce. It is not easy to have the right answer to all the questions that arise and to quickly find the right procedures to follow.


To address these issues we launched Business gate Luxembourg in Europe.

Business Gate Luxembourg is a team of serial entrepreneurs with infectious motivation and passionate business advisors. 

We support individuals, companies, private investors, family offices and start-ups to start their business structure quickly and easily, find the right investment, increase their wealth and strengthen the development and expansion of their business.

Our clients are our longterm partners because we have a customer focused mentality. This is part of our DNA,

by evolving our customers’ needs as a first priority. 

To be always close to the needs of our customers, we build our strong global presence, combined with powerful collaborations, through our tailored client approach and rich professional network. Through our consultants and advisory agencies.


We are involved in building bridges between financial jurisdictions and opening business doors for individuals, companies, private investors, family offices and start-ups. 


We facilitate business opportunities in collaboration with our trusted business partners. We guide our clients through all the steps and processes of :


  • Company formation

  • Business set-up

  • Resident visas

  • Asset management

  • Strategic analysis

  • Market survey & analysis

  • Business management

  • Business strategy

  • Marketing Strategic & Digital marketing

  • Real estate investment opportunity.

Meet our Experts


With our expertise, we have made the process of setting up a business structure quick and easy by offering a unique 7-stars VIP support service to enhance our clients' business development and expansion.

We have a unique platform offering comprehensive, integrated and customized solutions to achieve our goal of simplifying the implementation of newcomers and investors, connecting them with the right platforms, the right partners and the right attention to facilitate their business, professional and personal life.

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